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As of May 2022, Jack J. Geller is a Retired Member of the Florida Bar.  Prior to retirement, he served “Of Counsel” to The Silverman Law Firm; and prior to that, he was a long-time partner at Harper, Kynes, Geller & Greenleaf, P.A. (Harper Kynes), a Clearwater law firm which served a wide array of clients for over 40 years.  Jack’s over four decades of legal experience (and humor) were an asset to The Silverman Law Firm, P.A., Harper Kynes, and the local community.

NOTICE TO HARPER KYNES CLIENTS: In September 2020, after over 40 years, Harper Kynes closed its active law practice.  Corey Silverman previously worked with Jack Geller at Harper Kynes for seven years prior to its closure.  Following the closure of Harper Kynes, Jack joined The Silverman Law Firm “Of Counsel.”  As of May 2022, Jack is a Retired Member of the Florida Bar.  If you were a prior client of Jack Geller’s at Harper Kynes, and you have a question about client files or original documents (such as Wills and/or Trusts) that were or may have been maintained at Harper Kynes prior to its closure, please reach out to Corey Silverman at corey@silvermanlawyer.com for all such inquiries. Note that the storage of any files or documents with our firm does not mean you are a client of, or being represented by, The Silverman Law Firm or any of its attorneys.

You are not required to keep files or documents with The Silverman Law Firm, nor are you required to retain the The Silverman Law Firm to represent you for any legal matters.  If you would like to transfer your files or documents, as available, to The Silverman Law Firm, or would like to become a client of The Silverman Law Firm, please reach out to us to see how and if we may be of assistance.

If you wish to arrange for the pick-up of available client files or original documents, please contact Corey Silverman at corey@silvermanlawyer.com.  Note that requests for client files and original documents, if available, will be handled as quickly as possible.  When you reach out, we will let you know an estimated time for retrieval and pick-up.       

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Born: Buffalo, New York 

Education: State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo (B.S., 1962; J.D., 1965); New York University (LL.M. in Taxation, 1966).

Previous Practice Areas: Business & Corporate Law, Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration, and Federal & State Taxation.

Admitted: The Florida Bar, 1977 (Retired); New York Bar, 1965; U.S. Tax Court, 1967.